Viola Spiechowicz is an inspiring, unpretentious and highly creative personality within the fashion designers. Beginning with her debut in 1992, Viola Spiechowicz has consequently cultivated her original and outstanding style.

She skillfully derives from the tradition and the abundance of different cultures. What start out as simple drawings on the pages of Viola’s sketchbook are painstakingly transformed into the most delicate of sculptures be they in the form of ready to wear or haute couture collections. Her creations are the outcome of an in-depth search for ideal forms, textures and perfect color schemes. The result is a unique, non-repetitive and distinguishable style which accompanies all her activities, whether it is fashion, upholstery fabrics or accessories design.

Viola Spiechowicz grew up in Łódź, a city well known at the time for its textiles and fashion schools. Indeed, for Viola, fashion was something of a family affair: her uncle, a clothing technician, fashion designer and principal technologist at the city’s Central Clothing Laboratory, worked at one of the city’s leading fashion schools. As Viola’s passion for fashion grew, the master patiently endured the persistent presence of his young niece in his design studio, answering her questions and suggesting teaching aids. And so, under the watchful eye of her mentor, Viola began her long apprenticeship in fashion design.

Viola graduated in art from the Faculty of Fine Arts of Toruń’s UMK University, her diploma combining a unique blend tof painting, sculpture, fashion, installation and performance. She began designing collections for a large clothing company whilst still at university. After working for two years in a corporate structure as chief designer, she decided to set up her own business, allowing her to realise her vision without compromising her artistic freedom.

The turning point in her career came in 2005 – the decision of leaving brand Odziezowe Pole, which was co-owner and the only designer for 13 years (1992-2005).

In 2007 she was re-launched under the Viola Spiechowicz brand.

"Through fashion, one can go beyond aesthetics and express much more than simply sensuality.
An outfit can bring out emotions with a great variety of intensities, but it all depends on how consciously an outfit is chosen." VS

Viola re-envisions what it means to be feminine by giving classic styles a progressive edge. Women who choose signature clothing by Viola Spiechowicz are individualists and artistically expressive women. It is misleading to believe that clothes are only about outward appearance.

The Viola Spiechowicz brand is produced in limited pret a porter collections and exclusive haute couture creations. She enjoys designing for individual needs, and she says that only one-on-one contact with her customers can bring the greatest harmony between the outfit and it’s wearer.